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Pets within Pringle Bay
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Blue Dog Pet shop and Accommodation

Pet shop and accommodation 


379 Central Road Pringle bay 
Mon: Open
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Cottage & Critters

For all you pet- and house sitting needs. Can do house visits, stay overs, long and short term stays. Walking too. First aid qualified. 


Pringle Bay 
Wed: 9:00-15:00
Thu: 9:00-15:00
Fri: 9:00-15:00
Sat: 8:30-14:00
Sun: 9:30-13:00 
RAD Animal Welfare Charity Shop

Animal Welfare Charity Shop 

082 883 0580

Pets within Bettys Bay
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Mitchell Harrington

We created a video for your plumbing company to help you get better quality & the very first calls from customers. The video is specific to your plumbing company and location. Should I send it here or what email would you prefer? 

(08) 8381 2877

99 Peterho Boulevard 
Mon: 9.00 - 4.00
Tue: 9.00 - 4.00
Wed: 9.00 - 4.00
Thu: 9.00 - 4.00
Fri: 9.00 - 4.00
Sat: 9.00 - 4.00
Sun: 9.00 - 4.00 
Stony Point Penguins

Located in the quaint coastal town of Betty\'s Bay in the Overberg, the Stony Point Nature Reserve is home to a unique colony of African Penguins. Stony Point offers the public the chance to see these wonderful flightless birds up close, via the boardwalk through the colony, which allows the public to observe the penguins go about their daily activities in their natural habitat, without disturbing or disrupting them. Also present in the colony are three species of cormorant; the Crowned cormorant, Cape cormorant and Bank cormorant, all of which breed on the outer rocks. There are also Hartlaub\'s Gulls and Kelp Gulls which forage in the colony, while the Rock Hyrax, more commonly known as the Dassie, can be seen on the surrounding rocks. The colony lies on the site of the old Waaygat Whaling Station, which was used to harvest and process whale meat in the early to mid 1900s. Remnants of the machinery and infrastructure for this long-defunct industry can still be found at the site. There is also a community restaurant adjacent to Stony Point, which sells refreshments and food during the day.  

028 272 9829

Pets within Kleinmond
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Mon: 8:00-17:00
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Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society

Animal Welfare 


Crn of Protea and Main rd